Over the next two days, on the 22nd and 23rd June, the conference on Nomadic Ethics and Intercultural Dialogue will take place at the National University of Mongolia.  

The conference aims to explore the intricate relationship between nomadic ethics and intercultural dialogue, delving into the diverse perspectives, challenges, and opportunities that arise at the intersection of these fields.  

It has been organised under the auspices of UNESCO, the Commission on Nomadic Peoples, the Mongolian Anthropological Association, the University of Oxford, the University of Winnipeg, the National University of Mongolia, and the Institute of Mongolian Studies. There will be 80 scientists and researchers from over 20 countries participating in the conference.  

The keynote speakers are: 

Professor David Sneath, University of Cambridge  

Professor Bumochir Dulam, Office of the President of Mongolia 

Emeritus Professor Dawn Chatty, University of Oxford 

We hope everyone attending has a great time!


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