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Join Elena Gordillo Fuertes in Mongolia

“Join me in Mongolia!” That is what Dr Ariell Ahearn, very enthusiastically, said on the last day of our Environmental Governance in Central Asia undergraduate course at Oxford. I am still not sure whether she was being nice or she actually meant it (probably both!) but little did she know I was going to take her up on the offer a year later.  After graduating from Oxford, I started my master’s in Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia. My research interest lies in the intersection between resource governance, human rights and mobility. I was eager to learn… Read More »Join Elena Gordillo Fuertes in Mongolia

Herders on The Gobi Desert: Reflections from the margins.

I have lived and worked in deserts in Arabia for decades. First in the arid and semi-arid steppe land of Syria and Jordan and then in Oman on the edge of the Empty Quarter. I have worked with  sheep and goat herders in the north of Arabia and with camel (one humped dromedaries) and goat herders in the south of Arabia. So, I thought I knew what to expect when invited to Mongolia and the promise of a trip to visit the herders in the centre of the Gobi Desert. What I did not expect was to see so many of my assumptions… Read More »Herders on The Gobi Desert: Reflections from the margins.