Mongolia team

Mongolia Team

Munkherdene Gantulga


Munkherdene Gantulga is the Co-Investigator of the Post-Pandemic Societies in Inner Asia project. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology the National University of Mongolia, and the Executive Secretary of the Mongolian Anthropological Association. He received his BA in Ethnology and MA in Social Anthropology from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the National University of Mongolia and another MA in Development Studies from University of Melbourne.   

His research interest focuses on the social life of ninja miners (artisanal gold miners), nationalism, cultural heritage, globalization, capitalism, development, and mining in Mongolia. He has been carrying out fieldwork in several provinces of Mongolia and China using anthropological methods and he has written over 20 book chapters and articles in national and international publications.

Batbuyan Batvaj

Senior Researcher

Dr Batjav’s research engages critically with socio-environmental governance in the context of environmental change and pastoral communities.  His work focuses on the role and impact of new technologies in development, including user-end requirements and uptake of EO/RS products across a range of spaces and geographies. By bringing together interdisciplinary research perspectives, organisations and local narratives, Dr Batjav will inform policies surrounding ecosystems various communities experiencing the negative impact of environmental factors, as well as looking into issues surrounding heritage protection and local histories. 


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