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Research Collaborations in Mongolia

Sitting in a recently renovated Soviet style apartment AirBnB in Almaty, on the way to Kyrgyzstan to organise our second project Summer School for early career scholars, we reflected on our full summer in Mongolia over coffee. The day before we had walked about 20 kilometres around Almaty’s streets to see its attractions, including the Green Market with varieties of horse meat, fresh and dried fruits, spices and dairy products, as well as local style clothes. Munkh-Erdene was delighted to find an old red army felt hat in a market stall, which he put on immediately to shield from the intense… Read More »Research Collaborations in Mongolia

PPIA hosts the 6th Oxford International Desert Conference

On March 16-17, 2023 PPIA will host desert and dryland researchers from around the world at the 6th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference (OIDC). Held at the School of Geography, University of Oxford, the event brings together academics and non-academics who research, work and live across the world’s desert and semi-desert regions for two days of vibrant talks, presentations, panels and networking opportunities. The interdisciplinary event encourages social and physical scientists to exchange views, develop lasting collaborations and work towards a positive global impact. The conference is an excellent opportunity for the PPIA team from four countries to meet, talk and… Read More »PPIA hosts the 6th Oxford International Desert Conference